Ore to Shore


Check out Jay Richard’s Midwest MTB Recap over at SkinnySki.com for my Ore to Shore report.  It’s great to be back and racing at sea level once again.  Prior to the O2S it had been since early March!  The speed, intensity, and fun factor were all dialed up a little more for this one…

I’d like to thank my parents for bottle handups along the course and also for dog-sitting Maja while Chloe and I were out there racing. They made it easy to keep well fueled out there and the support is great to have. Also, a huge thank you to Tyler and Monica for lining us with awesome host housing for the weekend.  

My Niner Air 9 RDO was the perfect bike for this race course. For a stealthy bike, it somehow draws more than it’s fair share of attention and questions. Here’s my answer for 99% of them:  It fits me very well. The geometry is spot on for XC style racing/riding. It is very light and it is plenty stiff enough.  In a nutshell it makes for a perfect race bike. If you’re not familiar with Niner bikes, you can check them out at NinerBikes.com or on facebook.  If you’d like to check out the my RDO in person, just let me know.  

The highlight of the entire weekend might have been the Sunday shred at Marquette Mountain. Ripping around on awesome singletrack with the company of great friends is hard to beat. The more we rode the better I felt as fatigue from Saturday dissapated. Eventually it was time to pack up and make the drive back to WI. 

Up next this weekend is the WORS Subaru Cup ProXCT. I’m excited for this one and it’s always a highlight of the season.  See you there!