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Friday Pro Update

Train using the Metric System. Roadies and MTB’er alike.

Rather than quoting miles ridden or mph averaged, it’s best to use Kilometers.  Why you ask? Well the reasoning is multi-fascited.  It makes more sense than the US system since it works off 10’s and it’s easier to do the mental math.  We all know how challenging mental math can be while training or racing… 

Training stats are more precisely recordered and displayed this way.  Since .1km is a lesser distance than .1 miles, you can quote with less error just how pro your training was for a given session.  For pacing purposes this extra precision can be helpful when monitoring your kph’s. 

Most importantly, you’ll be working with bigger numbers since the units are relatively smaller.  32.2 kph sounds much more impressive than 20 mph does.  And if a 100 mile ride is impressive, how about a 161 km ride? Now that’s big time!

You’ll also be ready for that phone call to Europe when it’s your turn to go do the big races.  Getting there and having to ask for a conversion to miles would be embarassing.

The Friday Pro Update

Recovery is important. Recovery drinks don’t really taste that good. Recovery drink mixed with bubbly water tastes great. With all the bubbles it’s no longer just a recovery drink, it’s a  celebration of your workout. A pro’s gotta feel good about their training, so next time try this combo after your workout and bask in your successes.